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Suitable for Framing is the fourth episode of the first season of Columbo and the sixth episode overall. It first aired on November 17, 1971 and was directed by Hy Averback. In addition to Peter Falk as Columbo, the episode stars Ross Martin, Kim Hunter and Don Ameche.

In Suitable for Framing, Columbo is convinced that a snooty TV critic murdered his uncle in order to inherit his priceless art collection, but the Lieutenant finds himself thrown off when the dead man's will leaves nothing to his nephew. Could there be a more devious scheme in place?


  • Ross Martin as Dale Kingston, a smarmy art critic who murders his uncle then frames his aunt in order to inherit his priceless art collection.
  • Kim Hunter as Edna Matthews, Kingston's aunt-by-marriage who he frames for his uncle's murder. The dead man's will names her as inheritor of his art collection, but if she were to be found guilty of his murder, she'd lose it all.
  • Don Ameche as Frank Simpson, the Matthews family lawyer.
  • Rosanna Huffman as Tracy O'Connor, an impressionable young art student in love with Kingston. He manipulates her into acting as his accomplice in the murder of his uncle, unaware that he plans to get rid of her as soon as the deed is done.
  • Robert Shayne as Rudy Matthews, an aging art collector disillusioned with greed. His noble plans to have his collection donated earn him a bullet courtesy of his own nephew.
  • Joan Shawlee as Matilda, the owner of an art gallery.
  • Vic Tayback as Sam Franklin, an artist who's work Matilda is exhibiting.
  • Mary Wickes as Tracy O'Connor's landlady.
  • Curt Conway as Mr. Evans, Rudy's housekeeper.
  • Barney Phillips as Captain Wyler, Columbo's colleague at the L.A.P.D..
  • Katherine Darc as Kris, Sam Franklin's nude model.
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