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Mrs. Melville was a fictional sleuth created by Jim Ferris and Ken Franklin. Over the course of 10 years she starred in a total of fifteen different murder mystery novels, ending in 1971. The books were bestsellers, selling 15 million copies, and made the authors a fortune. There was talk of movie deal before Franklin murdered Ferris in real life, ending their writing partnership and presumably with it any chance of a film production.

Among the novels Mrs. Melville is known to have appeared in are:

  • Mrs. Melville Investigates
  • Mrs. Melville's Favorite Murder
  • Mrs. Melville in London
  • Mrs. Melville in New York
  • Mrs. Melville's Challenge
  • Ms. Melville's Escape
  • Mrs. Melville on the High Seas
  • The Death of Mrs. Melville

And, interestingly, Prescription: Murder.