Lieutenant Columbo is a police detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Character biographyEdit

Columbo was born to Italian-American parents in New York City. Growing up, his hero was Joe DiMaggio, and he also liked gangster pictures. Ironically, when growing up, he was not a model child, as he ran with a crowd of boys that broke street lamps and played pranks. Columbo himself jokes that he joined the police force in a part to make up for these pranks.

Style of InvestigationEdit

Columbo is a disheveled, shabbily dressed, seemingly slow-witted police detective whose fumbling, overly polite manner makes him an unlikely choice to solve any crime, let alone murder. However, he is actually a brilliant detective with an eye for minute details and the ability to piece together seemingly unrelated incidents and information to solve crimes.

Columbo is one of few, if not the only policeman in the LAPD who does not carry a firearm, as he claims he hates guns and is a terrible shot. He also rarely visits the police department headquarters building as he states "That's rarely where the murders take place!".


Columbo throughout the series remains a Lieutenant, never recieving a promotion despite the number of homicide cases he solves over the years.