Candidate for Crime is the third episode of the third season of Columbo and the twentieth episode overall. It first aired on November 4, 1973 and directed by Boris Sagal. In addition to Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo, the episode stars Jackie Cooper, Joanna Linville and Tisha Sterling.


Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo.

Jackie Cooper as Nelson Hayward, a womanizing senatorial candidate who kills his campaign manager and makes it look like a case of mistaken identity.

Joanna Linville as Vickie Hayward, Nelson's faithful wife who nonetheless has suspicions about his fidelity.

Tisha Sterling as Linda Johnson, Vickie's secretary who is also having an affair with Nelson.

Ken Swafford as Harry Stone, Hayward's unscrupulous campaign manager turned murder victim.

Regis Cordic as the Police Commissioner.

Robert Karnes as Sergeant Vernon and Jay Varela as Sergeant Rojas.

Vito Scotti as Chadwick, Hayward's personal tailor.

George Conrad as Mario, Chadwick's apprentice.

Mario Gallo as Dr. Perenchio, Columbo's dentist.

Sandy Kenyon as Harris and Jude Farese as two highway patrolmen.

Jack Riley as the director of Haywayd's TV commercial.

Katey Sagal, daughter of director Boris, has a cameo as Hayward's secretary.

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